A Development That Will Fill Up Quickly

When the Seaside Residences in Singapore is completed, there will be 841 residential condos and 2 commercial spaces. Though not everyone living there will have a vehicle, there will still be over 850 parking spaces as well, ensuring that everyone will have a place to park, and there will be spots for visitors as well. Of the 841 condos, there will be a wide variety of different floor plans available to satisfy most people. There will be one bedroom suites as well as five bedroom penthouses, and everything in between the two.

The nice thing about this development is that the one bedroom units are not going to be all the same, nor will any of the others. There are differences in all the floor plans so future residents can pick out exactly what they want. Some of the condo units will offer an additional study as well. One thing that each condo will have in common will be the view. It does not matter where the condo is, each one will have a gorgeous view of the water, which is one of the biggest selling points of this condo development.

For community amenities, residents have a lot to look forward to as well. There are several swimming pool, including one that is for laps. There are several gardens as well, and there are walking paths through them. There is also a bicycle park, a guard house, barbecue pits throughout, a water court, fitness centers, a spa, and so much more. For families, there is a very nice playground for children as well as a swimming pool designed specifically for children. Even pets have their own spots here. To list everything would be an effort because there really is that much here for residents to enjoy. That is why this is one of the developments that will fill up quickly!