A Hint of How CRM Works in Tracking Consumer Data

We used to keep track of sales and other stuff on paper. I remember being up late on Thursday evenings tabulating payroll deductions to be able to hand out paychecks on Fridays to our employees. Then the computer age changed everything. We were early adopters of technology to track consumer everything. Most people have no idea of the sheer volume of data that is captured about them. The goal is to get you to buy more things, not to just know stuff about you. CRM is customer relationship management, and we employ Microsoft Dynamics integration to get all of our systems from point-of-sale to customer-input data on the website to work together to improve everything about our business.

We want to make everything from discovering the product to getting it into the hands of the consumer a seamless and enjoyable experience. Let’s take the box stuff is shipped in as a micro-example of the process. We ship thousands of individual products every day. Each product needs a specific type of shipping box. If you order two different products, it goes into a different box made for that product combination. Do you see how complicated this can get if you order three or more things in a combination? Plus, all those boxes have to remain on steady replenishment orders or our business grinds to a halt. It is more than just stuffing things into a box. It is about saving money on boxes, getting the products to the customers intact, and making the unboxing a pleasant experience. It all adds up to more orders, and we have only discussed boxes briefly.

Now add to that their buying trends for day to day or holidays. Our software is designed to even track gift buying and be able to make suggestions for gifts when your daughter’s birthday rolls around again next year. This is just a hint of the depth that CRM software can go into when it comes to developing your relationship with customers.