A New Ideology for Music

Music is easy to find. As early as 2001 and 2002 when Napster was making all the headlines due to the popularity of the music sharing program allowing users to find and share new music, it was still a challenge to find ‘new’ music. Popular music has and always will be easy to find but discovering unique independent artists was a challenge for both fans of music and the artists themselves. Now in 2015 with the help of everything from Soundcloud to Music Sync companies it’s almost effortless to find music. For fans, that’s wonderful – we can find nearly any genre of music that we crave. For artists, this is both a blessing and a curse.

With Youtube’s early popularity it became clear that to become ‘found’ as a new artist on the web all one had to do was create a catchy, poppy song, upload it on Youtube and share it through social media. This worked for more people than we care to admit but it wasn’t always the highest quality music. Now with so much music being consumed throughout the web, what does it take for an artist to become successful? What do they need for their music to be heard over the rest of it all?

Personally, I feel like an artist is only going to be successful when they’re able to give their music personality. While gimmick might be the wrong word to use here, I feel that those indie artists who do utilize social media the most and are able to seamlessly share their life and their music to present it as a single idea are those that have the most success. Social media is just that; social. Fans want more than simply the music, they want to experience that music through the personality of the one who is creating it all.