A Nice Place for My Small Family

I wanted a three bedroom apartment because I just wanted my girls to have a better life. They never complained about having to share a bedroom, but I knew that they were getting to the age where they deserved to have some privacy. I had been recently promoted, which meant that I was able to start looking for a better place to live. That is how I found Grand Prairie, which is definitely much nicer than any place we have lived in the past. The girls only remember our last apartment, but this is actually our fourth apartment since they were born.

It is our first apartment that has three bedrooms, and it is also our first apartment where we have more than one bathroom. I have my own private bath in my room, but the girls are always welcome to use it. Having two bathrooms for three females is definitely one of the better blessings we have had lately! My bedroom is on the right side of the apartment when we come in the door, and their bedrooms are on the left side. They have their own bathroom that separates the two bedrooms.

Their bath is really nice too, because the toilet and bath are actually behind a second door in the bathroom. That way, if one of the girls is in the tub or on the toilet, the other can still use the sink and mirror to do her makeup or hair. They both really like that feature too. Their rooms are the same size, and the closets are generous in size. we also have a huge kitchen and living room, as well as a balcony. This is the nicest place we have ever lived, and I could not be happier with it. The girls really like it too, and that is all that really matters!