A Search for a Solution

For the longest time, I always had problems with my back. Sometimes, it would feel like a slight pinch to a sharp throbbing pain. It was very bad. Sometimes, I had trouble sleeping and sitting in chairs at my office. I talked with a few doctors about my condition. They all wanted to do surgery on my back. I did not want to go through an operation. I did not have the time to go into a hospital to recover nor the patience. One option that I saw was alternative medicine. A specialist in tcm in Singapore has set up shop as a visiting doctor. I hoped that he could help me with my problem.

The problem started after I stopped playing college football. After many hits and blows to my body, it could not take any more wear and tear. I finally had to retire from the game. Luckily, I had a good education to fall back on. I was very thankful they I buckled down and studied hard to prepare myself for the future. After I graduated, the pain in my back would come and go. It would be fine one second and painful on the next. It felt so weird. I went to specialist after specialist, but they all suggested that I get major back surgery. I knew that I could not because of my busy schedule. I had to look for an alternative to surgery. I found on doctor that could help me.

I saw an ad for Dr. Cheng. He was very credible and had an honest reputation. I went to his office to see if he could help me. After a consultation, he offered me some acupuncture on my aching back. After a couple of treatments, my back felt perfectly fine. I was so amazed of Dr. Cheng’s help.