A Small Company Stays Busy

As the owner of a new company, I’ve had quite a busy year. My company is still fairly small, but we get a lot of work done. I used corporate secretarial services in Singapore to find a secretary for the company, and did some interviews with other people to fill in other positions in the company. I like the small size of the company for now, because it allows everyone to discuss ideas more clearly. Still, I wouldn’t mind having more people working at the company to make things move more efficiently.

My company is one of the many companies that make containers for carrying drinks. What sets our company apart from the other ones is that we have a special design for our container that helps it to keep items cold or hot for longer periods of time. The typical designs can keep things at a desired temperature for some hours, but ours go longer than that. The lids on our containers have a special air tight seal that keeps hot or cool air from escaping, and the containers themselves are properly insulated to do the same. The containers can fit into any normal cup slot in a car and can be easily used with a straw.

The secretary handles all of the inquiries from clients who want to order some of our containers. It’s usually stores who want to have them on their shelves, although we have gotten some orders from companies that want to have a special logo put onto the containers so they can hand them out to their employees. This is something we only do for orders of a certain amount, as it’s more cost effective to produce these customer containers when you order more than one or a few. We may start doing individual custom orders for a certain price in the future.