A Trip for a Manicure

While getting a manicure in Singapore, I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to bring my friend the next time I come to Singapore. He’s not the kind of person who does a lot of traveling, but when he does, he usually goes to places that are pretty local. I thought it would be nice to take him out of the country for once and give him a real international experience. He couldn’t say no to a free trip, so he got a passport and I booked the tickets and hotel room for us to stay in while in Singapore.

Once my friend and I arrived at the airport in Singapore, he was already marveled by the cultural similarities and differences. I told him to hold his excitement, because it would be even better once he got his manicure. It was a good thing I came with my friend and not one of my other male friends. The rest of them aren’t really keen on getting manicures, and I don’t think even a free trip to Singapore would be enough to persuade them to come. It’s a shame because some of them would have had a lot of fun on the trip too.

We made our way to the hotel room to drop off our items and then went right to the spa where we would be getting our manicure. My friend hopped in the chair, tilted his head back, and let the workers do their job. My friend was enjoying the manicure even more than I was. Afterwards, we had gotten hungry from sitting in the chair, so we went to a restaurant to get some food. My friend liked the food so much that he wished he had brought some containers with him to take the food back home.