ADT Security for Vacation Homes

We have a cabin we use for our vacation home. It is actually a small house next to a lake. We keep a boat in the garage. We are not up there every day. We do go about one or two weekends a month. Sometimes it may be longer than month until we visit. We pay someone to cut the grass and keep the place up, but we added ADT Security after someone broke in. They did not even take anything, but they did do a little damage. We think it might have been some local kids just partying. The damage was minor, but we do not want a repeat of it in the future. Even though this is not our regular home, it is still a home to us when we visit the lake.

I like our new ADT Security system. It connects to the Internet at the cabin and allows us to look in to see what the security cameras are seeing at any given time. I check on it quite a bit, especially since one camera is deliberately pointed toward the lake. The motion sensors and window and door sensors provide good protection. We have connected smoke and carbon monoxide sensors added to the alarm system too. We have a temperature monitor and water sensor in place to detect if there is a problem such as a malfunctioning furnace or broken water pipe.

It is really quiet and laid back up there in the neighborhood. People kind of keep an eye out for each other. However, there are a lot of properties with part time residency, and our house pretty much sets off by itself at the lake’s edge. I like the peace of mind the ADT security system offers for our little vacation home away from home.