An Amazing Two Bedroom Apartment

I married the man of my dreams nearly 12 years ago. We have had a very blessed life together too. He has a great job that involves a bit of travel, and he is able to take me and our son with him most of the time. I work from home as a photography blogger, and our daughter is an honor roll student. We live at the Old Town Scottsdale apartments, which is an amazing experience for all of us. We thought we would end up having a house one day, but apartment living feels too good to give it up.

We have a two bedroom unit that has the most gorgeous scenic views. Photography is a huge passion for me, and I can sit on our balcony and soak it all in for the longest time. Our daughter loves how the apartment is laid out too. My husband and I have a large bedroom with a private bath. We also have our own private balcony. Our daughter’s room is at the opposite end of the apartment. In a lot of complexes, the second bedroom has to use a community bathroom and also has smaller closets. That is not the case here though, as she also has her own private bath and a large walk in closet.

We also have a den where we have three desks set up, and we can all work in there or on the balcony that is off of this room and much larger than the one in our room. In addition to all of this, we also have a third bath for company to use, and there is a nice sized laundry room as well. The kitchen is huge, the living room is huge, and there is an island between the two where we have most of our meals. Why would we ever give all this up?