An App That Promotes Creativity

I am a professor, and I love using modern technology as a teaching aid. I usually have a very small group in each class, which makes it even better because I can personalize and customize the lessons even better. Not long ago, I decided to ask an app developer if it would be affordable for me to have an app created that would be an even better aid in the classroom. Creativity is very important in my class, and I wanted an interactive app where the students would have to rely on one another to get to the end of it.

It is a creative writing app that I had envisioned for a few years, and I finally wanted to see if it could become a reality. It was one where I put in writing prompts, and then I assign sections of it to the students along with a timer. They have at least 24 hours to do their part, then they have to tag someone else. This newly tagged person along with a person I have already chosen must work together to do the next part of the writing task.

After they have completed it, they tag one other person, and that person and the person I have chosen must repeat the process. This goes on until the story is done, which usually takes at least three weeks. This can be done in the classroom, but I figured having it in an app that is only accessible by us would make it so the project flows easier. The app developer I talked with was able to create this for me in a matter of days, and it was definitely affordable for me. It has made my class even more excited to work on this project, and their creativity is through the roof because of the app.