Aspen Was an Adults Only Trip the First Time

I tried skiing once before, and I knew from the first attempt that it was not something I would ever enjoy. My husband loves to ski, and often he takes a ski weekend with his brothers or friends. When I told him I wanted to look at Aspen luxury vacation rentals for a family holiday, he thought I was actually joking. I knew that he and his brothers would enjoy going to Aspen because they have said that some of the best slopes ever are there. I also knew that their wives and I would have fun going into Aspen and watching some theater shows, doing some shopping, and eating at some world class restaurants.

Though we all have children, we wanted this to be an adults only trip. If we had fun there, then we would look for a bigger place next time so we could all come. We just knew that the kids would have more fun with their grandparents since they are spoiled rotten there. I was able to find a great four bedroom villa that had something for all of us to do there. We each had our own private bedroom and bath, which was probably the nicest thing about renting this villa.

We all had incredible views and a good deal of privacy. The guys had so much being on the slopes all day long, and my sisters in law and I really helped the Aspen economy by shopping at quite a few stores. We did more than ski and shop though. We gathered in the living room every night, and we all heard stories about the others that we had never heard before. It was just a great time for us to all bond and have fun together, and we are definitely going to bring the kids with us next time we do this.