Becoming Independent in Your Senior Years

As of last week, I had to go through one of the most difficult choices in my adult life. Growing older along side my parents has only made me realize the depth of responsibility that I am now going to have to carry. My family has not had a lot of money during the years and this has lead to financial consequences later in my life. Unable to support my mother in my home I had to find a senior home care in brooklyn ny. Just to finally force myself to come to the conclusion that I was going to be unable to help her in the way that I thought I would have been able to handle when she initially came to live with me. Both of us agreed it was for the best despite the fact that I had never wanted to see her placed in a place. I researched every retirement home and senior care living facility that I could find in Brooklyn before I decided on Gentle Hands.

After meeting with the director of the center along with several of the staff, I brought my mother with me for a second trip so she could judge for herself whether it was a place she could come to find comfortable to live in. I could see the resignation on her face at having to go through such a thing all over again but she’s a proud woman and would never allow her life’s choices to burden me. Looking back on that moment and those that lead up to it, I realize that I have to change the way I plot my own finances startinbg now if I want to avoid tragic consequences like that. Gentle Hands is certainly a wonderful facility but I would rather be independent in my senior years.