Can You Trust Online Pharmacies?

I got to thinking about this after I realized that one of the people at work had been ordering sildenafil online in AU. The IT guy got freaked out by this, apparently these sorts of web sites have a really bad reputation for malware and other types of malfeasance. He wanted to strangle this guy. Of course for me I am not really that worried about the company’s computers, even though that would make my life difficult if it was infected. I certainly do not put my private information on that infranet, because I am quite sure that there are a number of people at work smart enough to trace my tracks. Obviously the IT guys get paid to make sure that no one is doing any of the countless things that they are not allowed to use company computers to do. All of them could probably find out what I was up to and figure out every keystroke I had made, assuming that they cared enough to do it.

At any rate the thing I am worried about is what you would get if you did this. A lot of these web pages seem to have rather little concern about the rules of law. They pretty much offer you any drug that you might want and do not make it look like it would be very hard to get the stuff you are not supposed to get. The question is whether or not it is actually what you think that it is. They could be giving you anything and unless you have some sort of chemistry lab, there really is not much way to know. I think with sildenafil that might be easier to figure out. It is going to work or not and you should be able to know one way or the other.