Taking the Time to Get to Know My Pakistani Neighbors

My neighbor is from Pakistan. I thought that he had a weird taste in music. He would play his music outside when he was doing work in his garden or around the house through a Bluetooth speaker. I could hear it plain as day from my porch. I tried to listen, but I did not understand the language. He would listen to a lot of American songs too. I asked him where he was getting all the Pakistani albums, and he showed me an mp3 download site where he listens to a lot of his music.

It was kind of cool to see the Bollywood soundtracks alongside favorite American albums that are liked by Pakistanis. I had no idea that they would even be interested in some of the same music that I like. I figured that I would do my part to listen to more of his favorite Indian and Pakistani albums. Even though I did not know the language, I could still appreciate the vocals, rhythms and melodies. Continue reading Taking the Time to Get to Know My Pakistani Neighbors

Keeping My Son Away from a Bad Influence

Some people hang out with the wrong crowd during high school. I did it as an attempt to be cool, and when my parents found out, they were furious and forbid me from hanging out with them again. it’s a good thing that they stopped me, because my life would have been much worse if I continued to hang out with them. The same thing happened to my son recently. He started hanging with the wrong people, started acting differently, and wore different clothes to seem more intimidating. I used snapchat spy to stop him from doing something illegal that would put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The change with my son didn’t happen overnight. Continue reading Keeping My Son Away from a Bad Influence