The Best Apartment I’ve Ever Seen

Even though I am not moving for a few more months, I still started looking at different things in South Charlotte. That is where I am going to move to as soon as our new distribution center there is ready. It is already built, but the electricians and other contractors have a lot to finish up before they are ready for me. I decided the first thing I was going to look at were apartments for South Charlotte NC area. I have always lived in an apartment, at least since I have been on my own, and it just works out the best for me.

I don’t want to have to worry about mowing the grass, shoveling snow, or even fixing minor things let alone major ones. Continue reading The Best Apartment I’ve Ever Seen

I Am Looking for My Own Place

I have just now decided that I am pretty tired of living with the three guys I have been sharing a big old house with. They are great guys, but they like to do the exact same thing that I would do if I did not have to get up in the morning. They work until late at an Italian restaurant and then they come home with a case or two of beer. I would be quite happy to do that too, however I have to look for one bedroom apartments for rent in Kingsport TN because I have a good job and I need to get up at around six thirty in the morning. Continue reading I Am Looking for My Own Place

How a Great Dentist Can Help Even Scaredy Cats Like Me

Do you like going to the dentist? Probably not. However, I actually do like it. The office staff is nice to me, and my dentist is kind of like a neighbor you stop and talk to regularly but don’t hang out with. We talk about shared interests and laugh at stuff, and then the exam begins. By the time I am being worked on I am at ease and comfortable. That is a big thing for me as I have always been afraid of dentists. You can click here to see their website to see if you agree with my assessment. Before I found the dentist for me, I used to be really nervous. Let me tell you how I felt in the chair before.

I never liked seeing the little table with the drills, air thingy and the water squirty thingy they use. Continue reading How a Great Dentist Can Help Even Scaredy Cats Like Me

I’m Excited to Finally Move in

I settled on New Futura in Singapore, despite the fact that the building construction isn’t completely finished, because in my opinion there is no other place to live in the city that is as well situated as this living arrangement. As a person who has spent most of his life living in different countries around the world, I have to say Singapore comes closest to perfection. It’s a law abiding city where everyone gets along regardless of race or religion. The city prides itself as being a polyglot town devoted to getting things done. You really can’t beat living here.

The problem with Singapore is a problem that plagues most cities, namely that it can be quite difficult to get around in a quick and efficient manner. If you’re living in the outskirts of the city, you will have to make serious plans about commuting into the city to get to work and do your shopping. Continue reading I’m Excited to Finally Move in

I Have to Work on My Agility and Quickness

Of course the idea is that by the end of my senior year I want to get some good scholarship offers from good schools. I am not really thinking too much about playing in the NBA or even in overseas leagues where you can make money. I want to be able to go to a good school and get a degree in math or computer science. If you click here for website then you can see this place where I am trying to find out more about, because I figure that I need to invest some time this summer in the project. Playing the game is going to be the best way to get better and I am looking around for the best places to find high level pick up games. Continue reading I Have to Work on My Agility and Quickness