Hot Air and a Cold Reception

A film company decided to premiere one of their biggest movies online, and I decided to have a watch party with my friends. This is a movie that we were waiting to see the entire year, and it had been pushed back many time for various reasons. This was going to be a normal watch party, except for one problem. On the day of the party, the heater in my home wouldn’t blow out anything. I figured that there had to be something wrong with the fan motor, so I found a company online for HVAC repair in NYC and contacted them.

The company sent one of their workers to my home that day to look at the heater, and just like I figured, the fan motor wasn’t working. It’s a good thing that the worker had a replacement motor with him, or we all would have been watching the movie in the freezing cold. Once the heater was fixed, my friends and I began watching the movie. I popped a big bowl of popcorn for everyone to eat so we could have that authentic theater experience from my living room.

As we all watched the movie, we began to notice things that weren’t right. There were parts of the plot that didn’t make sense, there were jokes that didn’t seem funny at all, and there were characters that didn’t seem like they even belonged in the movie. The movie seemed like it dragged on for far too long, and the end seemed like it was pointless. None of us liked the movie at all and we felt that we had been let down by it. We had been waiting for so long to see it, only for it to be terrible. We decided to watch something else to help us forget about the bad movie.