Different Ways Bees Are Removed from Homes

A tiny hole no bigger than half the circumference of a dime was the doorway into a beehive that was in the wall of our house. I noticed bees coming and going around the light fixture at the back door. I had to get on a ladder to get up there, and the guard bees were not happy about that. I did not get stung until I tried to plug the hole at night. I was on the ground shining the flashlight up at the hole, got stung and then called for bee removal in Paradise Valley the next day.

The bee must have followed the beam of light a good 15 feet down to where I was standing to sting me on the hand. I was very surprised at that. It was dark, and the only light out there was the flashlight. I guess that was all it took to be perceived as the source of the threat to the hive. Due to colony collapse disorder, no one wants to exterminate bees, but sometimes you are not left with any alternative. Sprays could not get into the wall cavity, but a powder could. The bees got really upset when the pest control expert squirted a little bit of this white powder he had in a small bottle into the hole the bees used to come and go through. I would not even be brave enough to get up there after getting stung like I did.

I have heard of other instances where bees have been lured out of the hive with another queen bee. That must be an amazing thing to see. I heard of one family that had over 100,000 bees living in their floorboards between the first and second floor of the house. They swarmed into a nearby tree, and then were removed in boxes with the queen bee the professional brought out. Then the bee expert took the honey from under the floor boards.