Family Tree Services of Asheville, NC

If you are looking for tree trimming in Asheville NC, Family Tree Services is available to help. This company offers everything from basic trimming and pruning to tree removal.

Tree trimming is essential for anyone with trees on their property. Family Tree Services understand that even if a tree looks completely fine there could be underlying issues of concern. A tree can fail due to unstable root structure, leading to expensive removal services. Family Tree Services offer maintenance services that increase the longevity and health of your tree. Simple pruning and trimming are cost effective maintenance services that can make all the difference.

In order to effectively maintain a tree it is important that the correct tools are used. Family Tree Services use quality equipment that is appropriate for the job.

There are three types of pruning and Family Tree Services provides them all. Crown thinning, crown lifting and crown reduction are the three different ways of pruning. Crown thinning is the most common service Family Tree Services does. It involves clipping out the smaller branches. This will alow for better airflow through the branches, which can be a huge advantage should a storm occur. Crown lifting involves cutting low hanging branches so that passer bys do not accidentally walk into them. Crown reduction is for a tree that has been growing out of control for years without maintanance. This involves trimming lateral branches carefully. This would be appropriate if branches are growing in such a way that they are intrusive.

Furthermore, Family Tree Services provide the very best care for fruit trees. They know that any fruit bearing tree is going to benefit from pruning. When fruit trees are pruned effectively they lead to greater production of fruit. Without pruning branches can get insect infestations and become dying or diseased. It is important to have these removed in order to keep the tree healthy.

In conclusion, residents of Asheville, NC, can use Family Tree Services for all of their tree trimming and maintenance needs.