Finding My Brother a Nice Studio Apartment in Atlanta

My brother was moving to Atlanta and asked me if I knew of a decent apartment for him to rent. He is a minimalist kind of guy who is frugal with money. He wanted to be in the midtown Atlanta area so I started looking for apartments in College Park GA and thereabout. He hit me with a criteria list that was not too difficult. He did want a place that was access controlled. A lot of places are really open. He wanted the peace of mind of the extra security for his home because he works for an agency that has him encounter some “questionable personalities” as he likes to refer to them when he jokes about his job.

I told him to check out the studio apartments at The Pad on Harvard. They have nice studio apartments up to two bedroom places. He said he was thinking about getting a one bedroom place, but he was really into saving for an early retirement. He was putting as much as he could into investments that would pay off for his retirement plans, and he said he liked studio apartments since he was in college. However, the studio spaces at The Pad were a lot nicer than what he was used too. There is actually a separate bedroom area. He was living in a place where you could have a couch or a bed in the living room. He slept on a couch for two years. Yes, that’s my brother!

He decided to go with the 535 square foot apartment at The Pad and he says he is really happy with it. My wife and I have been over to visit, and there is room to actually lounge around and talk. He even has a couch and a bed in separate places now! He was very happy that we found him this spot. He figures he just might hang around in Georgia for the next few years working the local office for the agency he works for. He said he likes the southern living.