Flower Seeds for a Wedding Favor

When I was looking for green wedding gifts ideas for my cousin’s wedding, I found the perfect gift for her and her new husband. I also found something else for me. Well, it is for my own upcoming wedding, which will be next summer. I had been thinking about making some chocolate roses as my favors, but as soon as I saw the green wedding favors I could give away, I knew that I was going to get something like that for my wedding. I was not really known for being green, but I realized after looking at these favors that my cousin was obviously converting me.

There were so many nice ones, and I had such a hard time deciding which one I want to give to our wedding guests. I thought that a tree might be nice, but I also knew that not everyone had the space to plant a tree at their home. I figured flowers were a nice touch, and that was something that even the person with the smallest yard could have. After deciding on flower seeds, I had to determine which ones I wanted. I am having a rustic reception, so I decided to go with the rustic gift boxes that have daisy seeds in them.

I really like the way they have their pricing structure too. While I would have been willing to pay the higher price, I liked that the price kept getting knocked down as the quantity is increased. I am not talking just a few pennies either. I am only ordering 150 of them, but I am saving almost two dollars on each one because of the quantity that I am getting. I have a feeling that the guests are really going to like them, and I am taking about a dozen home with me after the wedding to plant in our first garden as a married couple.