Getting a Job Helped All of Us

My uncle owned a food processing company that is well known. When my father left my mom, I really needed a job to help out my mom because she was having a tough time making ends meet. My family was pretty upset by what my father did, and so they tried to step in to help when they could. My uncle offered me a job when I told him I wanted to find a place to work after school each day so that I could help my mom. He first taught me how to use a vibration monitoring system and some of the other equipment that I would need to know how to use to test machinery at his processing plant. This really helped my mom out.

I have a brother, and we were both in high school when dad left. He just decided that he didn’t want to be part of our little family anymore. He didn’t even tell us goodbye. He left mom a note. I couldn’t understand it and I was so angry at him. I was also hurt as well because I thought that he loved us. He told us that he did at times, but after he just ditched all of us, I knew that he didn’t. It hurt a lot. It also hurt to see my mom so heartbroken. My brother and I wanted to do what we could to help her, so we tried to help around the house. Later, we both got after-school jobs to help her with the bills.

Going to my uncle’s business to work after school was very welcome because it took my mind off of things. Prior to starting work there, I would sit at home and brood about the situation. I’ve now been working there for about 5 years, and I have moved up to a managerial position. It has really helped me in life.