Getting Ready to Relocate This Week

It is not really a surprise, since we are in a job that is going to require you to move from time to time. The company has been expanding for some time and right now they are getting ready to staff up in the Atlanta area. The truth is that they seem to have been arguing about who to send for a long time and they decided that I would be the most willing. In fact I do not have much reason to be too unhappy. I started to look for website of apartment complexes close to the new location and I found a place that is really quite close. It is going to be in a suburb called McDonough and this complex is probably less than ten minutes away by car. That is a really big deal, since you do not want to get a long commute in Atlanta. The city is really famous for gridlock and it should be even worse with the recent events on the news.

I have started to think about what I am going to take with me already and I have come to the conclusion that I may just pack up what fits in my car and leave the rest of it. I have a pretty nice air mattress that I used when I was in college, that would not be a long term solution, but it would be okay in the meanwhile. The bed I have is second hand. A guy gave it to me in a situation similar to my current one. He had to pack up and leave and it was not worth the effort to drag it all of the way to Missouri. So it is not like I have much sentimental reason to hold onto the old thing.