How a Great Dentist Can Help Even Scaredy Cats Like Me

Do you like going to the dentist? Probably not. However, I actually do like it. The office staff is nice to me, and my dentist is kind of like a neighbor you stop and talk to regularly but don’t hang out with. We talk about shared interests and laugh at stuff, and then the exam begins. By the time I am being worked on I am at ease and comfortable. That is a big thing for me as I have always been afraid of dentists. You can click here to see their website to see if you agree with my assessment. Before I found the dentist for me, I used to be really nervous. Let me tell you how I felt in the chair before.

I never liked seeing the little table with the drills, air thingy and the water squirty thingy they use. No, I obviously don’t know the official names, but you know what I mean. Then there is that bright overhead light. This is exactly what I would imagine if I was abducted by aliens and they were going to take tissue samples. Well, if aliens existed. Anyway, you get the feeling. You sit in that chair and up come the arm rests. It kind of feels like restraints. Then they tilt you back in that chair to make you feel like you are standing on your head. After that, they approach your face wearing a mask and safety glasses with metal tools. this does not inspire comfort and trust at all.

Well, my new dentist makes me feel confident even though I am still seeing the room in my imagination the same way. Having a friendly and cordial relationship with my dentist makes it so I don’t feel like I need to crawl out of that chair using my heels, elbows and gluteus maximus muscles. You know you have thought about it a time or too in the dentist chair too. Finding a good dentist you are comfortable going to see helps you keep from having dental problems that need those drills and pliers in the first place.