How I Learned About New Condos in My Taxi

I am a taxi driver in Singapore and have daily encounters with people from all walks of life. I not only give them a ride to their destination but sometimes also learn a lot about their lives from the stories they share with me. Sometimes, by the end of the ride, I feel like I know more about some things than I ever thought possible. Just last week I had a fare that was in my taxi for about 30 minutes and she went on and on about the New Futura Condo that she was in the process of purchasing. By the time we got to where she was going I felt like I could be a salesman for the condos from all of the detailed information she talked about.

These new condos are situated in two separate towers that are adjoined by a walkway. Scattered throughout the two towers are common areas. These areas are nestled in between the floors at different levels and contain numerous swimming pools, relaxation areas, and even dining areas. The condos are available in 2-4 bedroom units and even penthouse units. The lady I was driving around was moving into a three bedroom unit. She said the views from her new condo are spectacular and how she was looking forward to waking up to this every single morning.

She was a very friendly woman and even asked for my name so she could request me for any future rides that she may need. With all of the information I learned about these new condos I just might be able to recommend them to a future customer of mine. My customers are always asking about new condos and apartments and which parts of town are good to live in. I am now able to pass on this information and hopefully help others.