I Am Looking for My Own Place

I have just now decided that I am pretty tired of living with the three guys I have been sharing a big old house with. They are great guys, but they like to do the exact same thing that I would do if I did not have to get up in the morning. They work until late at an Italian restaurant and then they come home with a case or two of beer. I would be quite happy to do that too, however I have to look for one bedroom apartments for rent in Kingsport TN because I have a good job and I need to get up at around six thirty in the morning. Of course I am living quite a distance from my job right now, so the plan is to find a place that is going to be a lot closer to work than what I have now. It takes about twenty minutes to drive to work, if all goes well. Some times it can take half an hour, so I can not be sure that I will get there with no problems.

At any rate the place I want is really nice, but I do not think that I can afford it. At least that is not something that I can afford if I do not have someone to share the costs. Of course I want to leave the place I have now because the roommates are being way too noisy. However it is big thing to pay a lot less and if you are splitting the costs of a two bedroom place then that is going to be about three fifths as much as paying for a one bedroom place on your own. Still this place has all of the things I want, especially location.