I Am Ready to Move out of Here

I started to pack up my things around two weeks ago. I got some boxes from the shipping and receiving department every day and filled them up with the things that I knew that I could get along without in my day to day life. Then when I went to see Siahan I took along whatever I could carry. My roommate caught on pretty quickly, but I did not consult him. All of a sudden he stopped being such a jerk, but it was transparently two faced. I have been looking at cleaning services for Singapore already and I think that I am going to be out of here by the end of next month. I could not really blame it all on the other guy, but he is certainly a major factor in my thinking. The first thing is that Siahan is a great deal more fun to be around and this guy is not any fun at all. In fact he is a real pain and simply not a pleasant person.

I am trying to arrange to borrow a truck from my boss. He has a half dozen of them, some small pick up trucks and a couple of big three axle trucks. I do not think I could handle the big ones in a city like Singapore where you never have any room to maneuver. In fact I am not really sure that I can find a place to park a truck any place close to the apartment. It is pretty much impossible to find a place around here that is not occupied and a lot of the time you can find people cursing at one another over a spot to park a vehicle. In fact I was thinking that one of my neighbors would have to hold a spot for me.