I Got Effective Legal Relief

I hired a Sacramento personal injury lawyer after suffering a serious setback with the neighbors about two months ago. They own a pitbull, a vicious dog that they often never bothered to keep tied up on a leash. Sure enough one day the dog got out of the yard and attacked my wife as she was out for her evening stroll. Fortunately another neighbor was outside and was able to distract the dog long enough for my wife to get away and get into our house. Her leg was mangled, however, and she lost a lot of blood before we got her to the hospital.

Obviously I was furious with the neighbors and immediately called the police and animal control services. My neighbors made the situation far worse by attempting to deny their dog was even responsible for the attack. Moreover, they refuses to pay for her bills and attempted to say that even if their dog was responsible, my wife probably did something to provoke the savage animal. Even the cops weren’t buying their argument and the animal control people took the dog away. While the authorities were attempting to come up with answers, I looked online for a lawyer.

I wasn’t going to take a chance that my neighbors would get off. Their denials, I thought, needed to be punished via a personal injury lawsuit. I wanted to make sure that even if the animal wasn’t destroyed, these people would think twice about letting this animal out where it could hurt someone else again. The lawyer I found was very effective in this lawsuit. They worked quickly to get the suit filed and sent out notices that these people were being sued. I don’t know what the letters said, but the neighbors folded quickly and agreed to pay the bills if the suit was withdrawn!