I Just Got Back from Boston

I was really pretty upset when I realized that I had brought something unpleasant back from my business trip. I was staying at a pretty good hotel in Boston and I never noticed it when I was there. However within a few days back home I had to start trying to figure out where to get a bed bug exterminator in NYC. I had heard some time ago that they had succeeded in getting rid of the nasty things in this country, but obviously they are persistent and they are really eager to tag along with anyone who stays in a hotel any place in the world. They were always in the other parts of the world and once they got back in this country, that was all that it took. The things will obviously spread like a wild fire as soon as you give them a toehold any place in the country. One traveler on a long business trip could spread them to half a dozen cities without any trouble.

Of course I am sure that you would love it if you had some easy way to make sure that you are not going to bring these lousy things back with you. In fact you would be able to make a good deal of money if you could come up with some easy way for a traveler to inspect the hotel bed for the pests. They are so tiny that you could not really expect to find them with normal means. If you look at the bed with a magnifying glass that is not going to be much of a difference. They are so tiny that you could miss them just as easy as it is to find an elephant. They are really good at hiding because of their size.