I Look and Feel Better Than I Ever Have Before

I just decided one day to improve my health and my looks. It was not to compete with the younger girls at work. It was not because of some deep-seated emotions of inadequacy. I was comfortable in my own skin. I was a bit overweight, but I was convinced I looked good. I did not need any external validation of whether I was pretty or not. I decided to lose a little body fat and put on some muscle weight. Muscle looks good, but I did not want to be too angular. I then went to an aesthetic medical clinic to make my skin look great and to sculpt away that little paunch I had just around my belly button.

I am surprised at how fit and toned I have become. I like how I look now more than how I looked before, but the huge difference I really enjoy is in the increased physical strength, agility and stamina. I do not get tired now during my daily routines. I think my new dietary habits also have a lot to do with that. I refused to eat highly processed foods. This has cut out pretty much every snack food and commercial beverage I could buy from vending machines at work. I used to justify the occasional candy bar from the vending machine as an indulgence. Then I realized that is was just like putting gasoline on an already burning fire that was ruining my health. It took a few months to adjust my palate to fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks, but I am happy with the change. No more sugar highs and their corresponding lows.

I really like what the aesthetic medical clinic was able to do with my skin and the sculpting of my abdominal area to remove that little paunch of fat that would just stay there no matter how toned I got my abdominal muscles. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life, and it feels fantastic!