I Make Sure That I Have a Way to Call My Husband at All Times Now

It took a lot for me to get a cell phone. My husband kept telling me to get one, but I figured that since I’m at home more often than not, that getting one would just be wasted money. But when I got into a car accident one day and could not call for help, I decided to get one. It was then that I realized that they can help keep you safer. So when mine broke last week, I went to a Richmond iPhone repair shop immediately, I had learned that any little occasion can come up and you can find yourself needing your phone for some important reason or another. I may not use mine often, but when I really need it, I definitely need it!

I damaged my phone by not holding onto it really well. I had four bags of groceries in my hands and wasn’t holding on to the iPhone well. I figured that it would be fine. But as I walked up the stairs to our apartment, it fell out of my hands and landed on the ground. I heard a weird crunching noise. I put my bags down and rushed to pick it up. The screen was shattered. I could no longer see the words and numbers on the screen. I should have had some sort of protective gear on my phone, but I had been putting it off.

After I got my phone fixed, I immediately bought a case for it. This is what I should have done before and I would have mostly likely not needed to get it repaired in the first place. As soon as the screen was fixed, I went to pick up my phone. Just two hours later I found myself without enough gas to get home again. Luckily, I was able to call my husband who came to get me right away.