Investing in the Future of the Children in Our Family

A smartphone is an incredible gift to give to a child. So is a computer or even a video game console. We chose to pay for our niece’s physics tuition in Singapore. She knew she needed it, and it held value to her. Would she have appreciated an electronic gadget? Certainly she would. She is a teenager and they are all about electronic gadgets. However, our niece wanted to get the best grades she could due to a plan she has for her own life. She knows the education levels she must maintain to get into the university she needs to get into in order to become the type of doctor she is hoping to become.

We love her like she is our own daughter. She is incredibly smart, and she will likely become the top wage-earner our family has ever known. She is going leaps and bounds beyond the rest of us. It is a privilege to be investing in her future like this. I think it is a duty of family to help the children to succeed in academics. This prepares them to be able to enter the workforce at a place of privilege due to their education.

I work a trade, and my wife works a skilled job as well. We get by and have some left over to do some of the things we like to do such as help our niece get physics tuition in Singapore. However, I often think of what may have happened had my wife and I been able to obtain doctoral level education in a field of interest.

I think it is important for the older generation to do without, at least a little, in order to finance the education and the future of their children whether they be biological or just related as our niece is. Family should support its growth and advancement.