It Hurt Her to Sit All Day Long

I work in a small office. There are four of us who man the office every day, and we also have salespeople and delivery drivers who are in and out throughout the day. However, it is the four of us who keep everything together there. We have grown quite close, which is why Jessie, one of our coworkers, told us we should all consider visiting Sacramento chiropractors after her own experience with going to one. She had hurt her back at home, and it was hard for her to sit at her desk all day long.

She needed this job though, and she did not want to put the full brunt of what she could not do on the rest of us, not that we would have minded. She was proactive though in her decision to get some help, and the first, and only, professional she saw was a chiropractor not far from our office. She had read up on chiropractic care before making this appointment, and she was really optimistic about the outcome even before stepping foot in the office for the first time. When she told us about her experiences there, we could understand her excitement.

She was not able to bend down and touch her toes, that is how bad the pain was. Sitting for long periods of time made the pain worse too. The doctor was able to handle everything right there in his office. He examined her and did a spinal manipulation on her, then he scheduled her for five more over the course of a few weeks. After her sixth adjustment, she felt amazing. She could touch her toes, but she did not sit for hours anymore without taking a break at least once every 45 minutes. She convinced the rest of us that we needed to do the same, and I decided to go to the chiropractor myself because I wanted to feel just as good as she did!