It is Almost Time to Find a New Place to Stay

I have almost finished this renovation, which means I need to find a new place to live pretty soon. When I moved into this place about three months ago the place smelled pretty bad and it was not really in condition where people could live in it. Of course I had broken up with my girlfriend who was letting me live with her almost free of encumbrance with expenses. At any rate Jack needed my help and I decided to go on saving money. I need to look at shower doors in Union county NJ today and figure out the final steps of renovating the bathrooms. I have already finished the kitchen and I have done a lot of the cosmetic things in the front yard. The rest of it will be up to Jack to see exactly how much money he wants to put in this place. Of course he is riding high. This pandemic has destroyed a lot of people, but the people who do what he does have been able to sell houses at huge profits.

The backyard of this place is a huge mess still and I have drawn up some plans, one involves building a large deck and the other involves laying down pavers for a large patio that connects with the driveway. I can do either and I can do a combination. If it were my place and I were settling in here, then I would do a really large patio with a permanently emplaced grill and maybe some other parts of an outdoor kitchen. There is a lot of land in the back that is still forested, which I might turn into a huge fenced in backyard with a large storage building and room for kids and dogs to run around all the live long day.