It is Amazing Living Right on the Beach

Looking at different apartments for rent in Miami Beach was actually more fun than I thought it would be. There are so many nice complexes, and I knew that I would be fortunate to call any of them home. I had my heart set on Treasures on the Bay though mainly because it is right there on the beach, and the view is like nothing I have ever seen before on a regular basis. I knew that I would be happy anywhere, but this apartment would make me really content with life.

I decided to go ahead and look at the two bedroom units to see how much one would cost, and that is when I really started to get excited. I knew that I would easily be able to afford it, but I honestly was not expecting that at all. I guess because there are so many different apartment complexes in the area, they have to have competitive pricing in order to attract potential tenants. Well, that definitely worked for me, and I filled out the rental application right away. I wanted to get everything started so I could move in there as quickly as possible.

The reason I wanted two bedrooms is because I have a lot of family members who come to Florida pretty often, and I wanted them to be able to stay with me when they did. I knew that they would be happier staying with me rather than in a hotel, especially with the view that they would have from their bedroom here. I was so excited when I heard back from them that the apartment I had wanted was mine, and I moved in there later on that week. I knew that living here was going to be amazing, but it is even better than that!