It’s Always a Nice Thing for Family to Be Nearby

When my younger sister told me that her husband left her, she told me that everything would be fine and then I didn’t need to worry about her. But what she didn’t tell me is that she was extremely depressed and she was having a lot of trouble with day-to-day life. I live at the Stone Oak Apartments across town, and I told her that she is always welcome to come here and get an apartment in the same complex. I told her that it’s nicer than where she lives, and I would really appreciate her being around all the time.

My sister is a very proud person. She often doesn’t talk about what’s bothering her, and she doesn’t want to be a burden to others. So one of the things that I made sure to do when I found out she needed helpd in life, is to tell her that I needed her. I knew that if I put all of the focus on her, she would stop listening. But I’m a single mom, and I have two children. I could always use a helping hand from a family member nearby. Not only that, but my kids adore their aunt! So, I told her that she ought to move here to my complex because I really need her help.

My sister took some time to think it over, and she called me one night and told me that she is willing to do it. This made me very happy. I wanted to make sure that she didn’t try to back out because I really didn’t know her sitting home alone and depressed for any longer than she needed to be. So I told her that I needed her as soon as possible. I also told her I was going to find out immediately if there was an available unit for her to move into. She agreed, and she’s going to be moving in next week. She will be just two doors down from me and my kids.