Keeping My Son Away from a Bad Influence

Some people hang out with the wrong crowd during high school. I did it as an attempt to be cool, and when my parents found out, they were furious and forbid me from hanging out with them again. it’s a good thing that they stopped me, because my life would have been much worse if I continued to hang out with them. The same thing happened to my son recently. He started hanging with the wrong people, started acting differently, and wore different clothes to seem more intimidating. I used snapchat spy to stop him from doing something illegal that would put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The change with my son didn’t happen overnight. Gradually he started becoming more aggressive and misbehaved at home and at school. He shifted away from brighter colors to all black, and started listening to some really angry music. When I asked him about it, he told me to go away. I was ready to spank him and just call it a day like my parents would have done, but I decided to try a different, more laid back approach. This wasn’t the best idea, considering what would come next.

As time went on, the pressure was building inside of me, and I was worried that something would happen to my son. I used software to hack into his Snapchat account, and learned that the group of teens that he hangs out with was planning to break into a store after closing hours and steal some money from the cash register. I confronted my son about what I knew and told him that he wouldn’t be going anywhere with those hoodlums as long as I lived. I sat in his room and watched him like a hawk so that he wouldn’t try to sneak out. While I was watching him, the teens broke into the store and were arrested.