Keeping Up to Date with Our Country It is a great web site to be able to get information about news from Israel. My family and I immigrated from Israel about 10 years ago, and ever since then we have all been very homesick. We were able to do very well in our new country, and we were even able to start a new business. Even when a person moves to a different country they never forget where they were raised and where their roots are, and quite often my wife and I think about being able to move back to Israel at times. Even though the political system in Israel is not the best, we still want to know what is going on in our home country.

From time to time my wife and I go one different websites so that we can read news articles and get information about our country so we can see what things are happening. Both my wife and I have family that still live in Israel, and because of that we are really concerned with a lot of the governmental problems, and with what is happening there. We were able to find a really good reliable website that gave us all the latest news about Israel. My wife and I go there a few times a day to get all of the updated information about our country.

My family and I are all very happy in our new country, and above all we are happy that we have been able to find a home that is safe and secure. Even though we no longer live in Israel, we would still love to see the political situation change in our country so that there is equality and justice for all. Since my wife and I can not travel back to our country, it is really nice for us to be able to read up to date news about the things that are going on in our homeland, so that we can know all of the things that our friends and family back home have to deal with.