My Brother’s Tree Branch Cutting Stunt Ends Up Causing a Call to a Brooklyn Roofing Repair Service

My brother will jump through hoops to save a nickel, and that usually ends up costing him money. He bought a used lawnmower for $25 when I bought my new one for $400. I kept track and have watched him sink hundreds into repairing it while all I buy is gas for mine. When he decided to trim the big tree in his front yard by himself, I told him he should let the pros do it. The tree was too big, and he ended up calling a Brooklyn roofing repair service to fix the shingles he destroyed when his rope trick to take down a big overhanging branch did not work.

I told him the big branch had to weigh about a half ton being that it was an oak tree. He could not accept that. He used a rope to try and hold the entire branch to pull it away from the roof line to get it to the ground. Well, the rope snapped like a twig (pun intended). The big branch slammed down on the edge of the roof and scrapped a bunch of shingles. It took out a section of gutter on the way down too. It damaged the lawn, flattened a rose bush and cracked the sidewalk too. I’m just glad he was not hurt. I was not there when he tried his tree trimming stunt, but I did hear about it from several people.

I heard from my sister-in-law that the Brooklyn roofing repair service didn’t even blink when she told them what happened. It wasn’t the worst they have heard. They said they have had people do all kinds of things with trees over the years. She said that they told her to be glad that he was only trying to cut one big branch instead of felling the whole tree. They apparently have been to fix roofs that have been smashed to bits by people cutting down entire trees and not having them fall where they wanted them to go.