My Daughter’s First Foam Puzzle

I have always loved building puzzles. In fact, some of my happiest memories from my childhood are when we would have a family puzzle to do together. We always got ones that seemed almost too impossible to do, but the challenge is what made it so fun. When I got married, I was so thankful that my husband loved building puzzles too. My four year old daughter loves to watch us build them, and I decided to look at floor puzzles with her to see if there was one that sparked her interest.

We went to my favorite online retailer, and it only took me a few seconds to pull up all kinds of fun foam puzzles. When she saw the Under the Sea puzzle by Premium Joy, I knew that was the one. She didn’t scream with excitement or anything. Instead, she just went silent, and then she started smiling as she looked at all of the different sea life that is on the puzzle. There is a whale, a shark, fish, an octopus, a lobster, squid, a clam and much more. It is about the flora that is there as well, and I could understand why this had her so entranced.

We had been to the aquarium at our local zoo, and she had falled in love with all the different animals she saw there. She had never seen most of them up until that point, and it was something that she just could not get enough of. I ordered the 54 piece puzzle for her, and she was so excited when she came home from daycare and saw the puzzle waiting for her. I loved watching her build it, because she is definitely a natural. She didn’t have it done within minutes, but watching her figure out how to put the pieces together is a new memory that I will cherish forever. I cannot wait until she is building the harder ones with me.