Our Roof Was an Eyesore to the Neighborhood

It was time. I told my wife that. She looked at me funny and asked what I meant. I was staring at our roof when she said, “Oh, the roof. Yeah, I kinda try to not look at it when we come home.” It had streaks and stains, and the tiny gravel that is embedded into the shingles was wearing thin. A couple of shingles were curling upward a bit, and there was green at an eave close to where a tree was at. We called about roof replacement in Brooklyn NY as well as having the tree cut down. First to go was the tree and the stump. The next step was getting new shingles.

We went for the top quality shingles that show a dimensional pattern that look like cedar shakes. Continue reading Our Roof Was an Eyesore to the Neighborhood

Taking the Time to Get to Know My Pakistani Neighbors

My neighbor is from Pakistan. I thought that he had a weird taste in music. He would play his music outside when he was doing work in his garden or around the house through a Bluetooth speaker. I could hear it plain as day from my porch. I tried to listen, but I did not understand the language. He would listen to a lot of American songs too. I asked him where he was getting all the Pakistani albums, and he showed me an mp3 download site where he listens to a lot of his music.

It was kind of cool to see the Bollywood soundtracks alongside favorite American albums that are liked by Pakistanis. I had no idea that they would even be interested in some of the same music that I like. I figured that I would do my part to listen to more of his favorite Indian and Pakistani albums. Even though I did not know the language, I could still appreciate the vocals, rhythms and melodies. Continue reading Taking the Time to Get to Know My Pakistani Neighbors

Keeping My Son Away from a Bad Influence

Some people hang out with the wrong crowd during high school. I did it as an attempt to be cool, and when my parents found out, they were furious and forbid me from hanging out with them again. it’s a good thing that they stopped me, because my life would have been much worse if I continued to hang out with them. The same thing happened to my son recently. He started hanging with the wrong people, started acting differently, and wore different clothes to seem more intimidating. I used snapchat spy to stop him from doing something illegal that would put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The change with my son didn’t happen overnight. Continue reading Keeping My Son Away from a Bad Influence

Hiring the Right People to Get the Grunt Work of Business Done Right

I know an entrepreneur who does a lot of the work in building new businesses himself. I mean he gets in there and does the labor. He will refer to himself as the chief cook and the bottle washer as sort of a joke on how he wears many hats in his businesses. That is great for him, because he has only been working on developing two businesses. My business is the Internet, and I am constantly developing new web projects to stay ahead. I use a Metro Detroit web design company to get the actual website development and maintenance for my ideas completed.

My time is best served researching markets and coming up with ideas that I pay other people to implement. If my business was confined to doing one thing, then I could spend more hours on the actual functional work of things. I used to do that when I ran a restaurant in my younger years. Continue reading Hiring the Right People to Get the Grunt Work of Business Done Right

Best Small Business Pay Stub Generator

I am really excited that so far, my plan to run my own small business has been working in my favor, and I do not foresee any changes to my fortune sin the near future. Of course, I need to be ever vigilant, because the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to fall victim any serious problems when it comes to running a business. I just went to http://www.thepaystubs.com to look at this software for generating pay stubs because that is one of the things that I am going to be able to do in the near future, and at the moment, I do not know much of anything about it.

But I think that I have time to learn everything that it takes to be a good employer, I just need to start now and make sure that I keep on it, and keep trying to learn things. I just hired a couple of people to work for my business, and they are going to start next week. So I aim to know as much as I can before they start, and then, of course, I am going to keep tyring to learn as things go.

I am only going to have two employees for now, but I can’t say how long that is going to last. If things go well, then I could see the need to hire more employees within the next month. But I am not going to worry too much about that right now, and instead I will focus on the changes that I am going to have to make to accommodate adding two need employees to my business. Previously, it has just been myself as the only employee of the business, and that kept things a lot more simple than they will be going forward.

New Beginning with New People

When my friend and I first moved into the apartments for Hartford CT, we met a woman who lives across the hall. We both thought she was pretty attractive and wanted to date her, but only one of us would be able to do so. My friend tried his best to hit on the woman and ask her out, but she said no. After seeing how badly my friend struck out, I decided to take a more laid back approach. I would casually talk to the woman in short conversations and say humorous things to make her laugh.

Eventually I asked the woman if she wanted to go out to lunch with me and she agreed. We went to a local Chinese restaurant that has an amazing lo mein dish. The woman and I talked and laughed. We had such a good time that we went to see a movie later in the week. When I told my friend what happened, I thought he would be a little jealous, but he was actually very supportive. He accepted that the woman wasn’t into him and decided to move on to someone else.

The woman picked a scary movie to see. Continue reading New Beginning with New People

A New Ideology for Music

Music is easy to find. As early as 2001 and 2002 when Napster was making all the headlines due to the popularity of the music sharing program allowing users to find and share new music, it was still a challenge to find ‘new’ music. Popular music has and always will be easy to find but discovering unique independent artists was a challenge for both fans of music and the artists themselves. Now in 2015 with the help of everything from Soundcloud to Music Sync companies it’s almost effortless to find music. For fans, that’s wonderful – we can find nearly any genre of music that we crave. For artists, this is both a blessing and a curse. Continue reading A New Ideology for Music

Becoming Independent in Your Senior Years

As of last week, I had to go through one of the most difficult choices in my adult life. Growing older along side my parents has only made me realize the depth of responsibility that I am now going to have to carry. My family has not had a lot of money during the years and this has lead to financial consequences later in my life. Unable to support my mother in my home I had to find a senior home care in brooklyn ny. Just to finally force myself to come to the conclusion that I was going to be unable to help her in the way that I thought I would have been able to handle when she initially came to live with me. Continue reading Becoming Independent in Your Senior Years

ADT Security for Vacation Homes

We have a cabin we use for our vacation home. It is actually a small house next to a lake. We keep a boat in the garage. We are not up there every day. We do go about one or two weekends a month. Sometimes it may be longer than month until we visit. We pay someone to cut the grass and keep the place up, but we added ADT Security after someone broke in. They did not even take anything, but they did do a little damage. We think it might have been some local kids just partying. The damage was minor, but we do not want a repeat of it in the future. Even though this is not our regular home, it is still a home to us when we visit the lake.

I like our new ADT Security system. Continue reading ADT Security for Vacation Homes

Good Websites on the Internet for Israel News

Right now, the internet is an integral part of our lives. Most of us find it impossible to stay away from it even for a single day. Still, we are not getting to the best websites that cater to our individual tastes. The major reason for this is the presence of a huge number of websites that cater to each niche that we are interested in. Anything you look at, be it sports, music, news, arts, video etc. or something else, there are literally hundreds of thousands of websites out there catering to each of these individual niches. But, you will not be able to locate the particular niche that you are looking for. Continue reading Good Websites on the Internet for Israel News

Keeping Up to Date with Our Country

Abbagav.com It is a great web site to be able to get information about news from Israel. My family and I immigrated from Israel about 10 years ago, and ever since then we have all been very homesick. We were able to do very well in our new country, and we were even able to start a new business. Even when a person moves to a different country they never forget where they were raised and where their roots are, and quite often my wife and I think about being able to move back to Israel at times. Even though the political system in Israel is not the best, we still want to know what is going on in our home country.

From time to time my wife and I go one different websites so that we can read news articles and get information about our country so we can see what things are happening. Continue reading Keeping Up to Date with Our Country