Quick Fix for Our Oven

I had to find a major appliance repair in Sacramento recently when our stove suddenly stopped working. I was baking a cake and put the pan in the oven and then came back when the timer went off and quickly noticed it wasn’t baked at all. I thought that was funny and took a second look inside the oven. That’s when I noticed there wasn’t any heat radiating out of the open door. The racks inside the oven felt cool to the touch. Oddly enough the display showed that the oven was heated up to the appropriate temperature.

Obviously, something wasn’t working correctly. I was thankful that this didn’t happen during the holidays or during a dinner when we had a lot of guests coming over to eat. I looked online for a company that could fix the problem and found a great firm. I gave them a call and explained the problem and they asked me a few questions about the make and model of the oven. Apparently this model has a problem with the heating coils going out at inopportune times. They suspected that was the problem, but promised to look the whole appliance over to make sure they nailed down the problem.

The tech arrived quickly and got to work. Sure enough it was the heating coil. There’s a glitch in the machine that allows for the coil to go off without signalling the problem to the display. That’s why it showed it was working when it wasn’t. He popped the coils out and put the new ones in and made a few adjustments and that was all it took. He even stayed around until it heated up properly just to make sure it worked. I couldn’t be happier about the service and the positive attitude of the repair guy.