Social Media Can Tell You a Lot

I have a teenage daughter and I am very aware of how serious the social media aspect of growing up can be. It can be very hard for a kid to post things that are clever, and sometimes they even stress about what they are going to post. Their social media is a projection of how they want to be seen. I saw that there was an instagram hacker that could actually help me get into my daughter’s social media account. I did not know if I was going to actually be able to get away with using it. I know that it is a huge breach of trust and if I used it, that there would be no going back. If there was something that she posted that I did not know about, I was afraid as to how I would react and if I would actually confront her or if I would be able to do something about it.

I decided to ask my family therapist what she thought about using the hacker. She told me that she could not answer the question for me and that it would be really difficult to back after going and looking at her stuff without her permission. I know that there are a lot of things that my daughter could do but doesn’t. She is a great student and athlete and I am more worried about what people think about what she is posting. I am not friends with her to see what she is posting on her account, but I feel like I have raised her right and I would not want to go and do anything to ruin that trust that I have with her. I did use the hacker on my son’s account and that was warranted, I could not believe what I found on his posts.