Some Help So Mom Can Stay Independent

My father passed away nearly four years ago, and my mom has been living on her own ever since. I live just ten minutes away, and I am able to be there immediately as long as I am home. However, I have a full time job, and I have three very active children. My mom’s health was declining, and she needed more and more help with each passing year. She had started going to the Boynton Beach senior center, and that is where she learned about the home health aides that help a lot of her friends there.

When she showed me the website for the company that provides the home service help, I was impressed with everything that I read on it. I realized that this was the perfect answer too. My mom is always welcome at my house, but she had always resisted my invitation for her to come live with us. She loves my kids and my husband just as much as she loves me, and she did not want to become a burden to any of us. No matter what we said, she insisted on having her independence.

After reading about the services that this company offers, I called them and explained the situation to them. The lady I spoke with was very nice, and she answered all of my questions. We now have someone going in three times a week to help my mom with some housecleaning and laundry needs, and she also gets help with some meals when she is not feeling very well. Thankfully, that is not very often! She gets the help she needs, plus it keeps her as independent as she can be right now. It really is a good situation, and Mom has come to really care about the people who have been helping her stay on her own for a lot longer.