Sports Packages at Such Great Prices

The website was so helpful for me when we moved my Dad into a assisted living facility. My father was 78 and he was just not able to live in his huge house by himself after Mom died. I know he wanted to but the house would have been way too much for him to keep up with. Men never like to give in so I had to help him find the perfect assisted living facility for him and his dog Beau. Thankfully I found a place that he actually liked, and accepted dogs. Beau was such a good dog I knew my Dad would be happier with him. I got his new apartment all setup, furniture and kitchen, but the one thing I forgot was cable television. I knew he didn’t watch a lot of television, but he did like watching Fox News and his favorite baseball team. So I had a mission to find the best way for him to get his favorite shows and sports as quick as possible. I went the traditional route with cable, but they just didn’t have exactly what he wanted. So I told him I would research the possibilities on the internet.When I found your site, frankly I was shocked at the savings. I have cable television at my home and I knew I paid a lot more than the prices you were offering. So I did more research to check you out, and found out how happy people are with your products. I decided to try it for my dad. He is very happy and is able to watch all of his favorite programs as well as sports. Putting him in an assisted living facility is hard on him and me, but knowing he has a few little pleasures like watching his favorite baseball time helps him.