Style is Always on Point

There have always been fads in fashion for as long as people were wearing cloth. Even back in the stone age, people would decorate their garb with different dyes that were made from the berries off of bushes and trees. People would even adorn their garb with different stones and different vines from the earth. I think that there are a lot of sites where people can go online and look at a Harajuku fashion store and see different things that are available to buy online. We were thinking of the different ways that we could see the different fashions from around the world as my teen daughter and I were talking about how we wonder what teens in the Middle East were wearing and where they get their cultural design from. I think that there are a lot of Western stores in the Middle East and I think that it’s fascinating how there are millions of dollars spent on American goods out East.

The internet has made the world a much small place. In fact, my dad who is sixty eight told me that he was thinking about how much the internet has changed even his life. He met his new girlfriend on an online dating site for people over the age of fifty. I thought that it was a really great thing that he used current technology to find a few girlfriends after he took care of his dying wife for over a year. It was a very sad thing that there were a few women before his current girlfriend, but it worked out in the end for everyone. He and his girlfriend went down to Florida and split the cost of the house and they are only going to be up in the Northeast with us for three months a year.