The Basement Got Flooded in the Storm

Of course I came out a lot ahead of a lot of the people in this state. Down to the South of here there were a lot of people completely flooded out and there were about twenty deaths here from the hurricane. I just had a little water get in the basement and I got the people at to come here and vacuum up nearly all of the water. The cause of that was really a bunch of debris blocking the ditches across the street, which caused water to collect in my neighbor’s yard and then in mine. When you have three quarters of an inch of water standing in your yard it is going to eventually get in the house and of course in my case it is going to end up in my basement. When I bought the house that would not really have been that big of a deal. The basement did not really have much in it at first.

Now it is completely finished and we have a big entertainment room down there, now that the oldest kids are in college or grown up. I have a really nice pool table and a big screen TV down there. Of course I was really concerned about the pool table, but there was not that much water and it all got soaked up by the carpet in that part of the basement. At first I assumed that the carpet was going to be ruined, but the carpet cleaners said that they managed to get to it soon enough. Of course they had the really heavy duty stuff that pulled the water out of the carpet really quickly. It was really only a couple of hours before it began. In fact the big thing was that I went over to the ditch and cleaned it out so that the water drained.