The Best Apartment I’ve Ever Seen

Even though I am not moving for a few more months, I still started looking at different things in South Charlotte. That is where I am going to move to as soon as our new distribution center there is ready. It is already built, but the electricians and other contractors have a lot to finish up before they are ready for me. I decided the first thing I was going to look at were apartments for South Charlotte NC area. I have always lived in an apartment, at least since I have been on my own, and it just works out the best for me.

I don’t want to have to worry about mowing the grass, shoveling snow, or even fixing minor things let alone major ones. It is not that I am spoiled, but I would rather do things that I enjoy instead of things that are a painful chore to me. As soon as I saw the luxury apartments at Tindall Park, I knew I was going to get one. The really neat thing, which almost makes it seem like this was meant to be, is that it is not even going to be ready until about two weeks before my new management job at the distribution center does.

That gives me plenty of time to move there and get used to the area before I have to start working long hours for at least the first few months. Being able to come home to the two bedroom luxury apartment I picked out is going to make all those hours worth it though. I love that my master bathroom actually has a separate shower and tub, meaning I can shower before I go to work and then soak for a nice long time when I come home. It really is the best place I have ever seen!