The Perfect Gift for a Hunter

I had no idea what to get my father for his birthday this year. I had two really great ideas, but that was just until I talked with my two brothers. It seems that we all think alike, but they are quicker. I say that because when I told them my ideas, one had bought him the bow he wants and the other had gotten him the gun safe I had in mind. That put me back at square one, but I had a feeling I would not stay there long once I saw a blitz jacket on a hunting website I went to.

I don’t like hunting at all, but my father and two brothers seem to live for it. I went out once with them, but it was just not my thing to kill a defenseless animal. I don’t judge them for doing that though, and I knew as soon as I saw the jacket that my dad would really like it a lot. He already has a lot of camo shirts and pants, and even a few jackets, but this one is different. The material that it is made out of is strong and sturdy without being super heavy.

In fact, it is extremely lightweight, but it holds up to doing a great job of protecting the person wearing it from the elements. Not only will this shirt keep my dad warm, but it will also be helpful since there is a pocket right in the center of the chest. I thought this was ironic because my dad has always said he needs one right there. I found it without even specifically looking for that feature! I ended up getting him a fishing vest from the same site too, because that is his other hobby. I believe him when he says that each gift from all of us boys was perfect!