This Will Be a Big Gift Holiday in Our HOme

My kids want a lot of things this Christmas. They really good, and they do a lot of things around the house for their mother and me. You never have to remind them to clean their rooms. They are not sassy children. And they both work really hard in school. So, I’ve been looking around for some cheap tablet PCs and some of the other things that they are interested in. We have been pretty careful to not really spend much on them during past holidays, but they will soon be going to middle school. Some of he things that they want are things that can help them with school work.

When I was in school, I would have never imagined that I would be able to read books on a small handheld tablet. I had a big bookshelf full of books in my room back then. I was proud of all my books because I was a very avid reader. If a friend wanted to borrow a book, I kept a running list of who had what book and when they borrowed it. It cherished my books, so I made sure to pay attention to where my books were at all times. But now, kids can simply share books online. After they purchase the book, they can simply press a button, type in the email of the person who wants to read the ebook, and then press send.

Our girls are both on the honor roll at school. Unlike other parents, we never have to remind them to do their homework. They both have computers, but we think that they need tablet PCs so that they can move around the house as needed. I like the thought of them going out on our back deck and getting some fresh air while they work on their homework online.