Time to Trade While Relaxing

This past month has been one of my best ones yet as a bitcoin trader. The prices of bitcoin went up a great deal after being quite low, and I sold some of my coin off after the increase, which net me a lot of money. I decided to save some of that money so that I could gain some interest from it in my savings account. The rest of the money I used to treat myself. I wanted to have a vacation, so I took a trip out of state to one of my favorite camping destinations.

Although I was in the wilderness, I was still able to look at the trading app that was on my phone because my phone was able to get a signal. It’s amazing how great technology is that I can get a signal in places where there should be none. I had to put my phone away because I wanted to have some time to relax. When I go camping, I like to do some fishing, so I brought my old rod and some hooks and lures with me. There’s nothing like sitting out on the lake and catching fish in a boat.

I caught 10 fish that day, and I cleaned and cooked them all. I had quite an appetite from sitting on the boat all day. I had to make sure to throw the bones away from my camp site so no wild animals would come and try to eat me. I went hiking while on my trip and took in all of the sights that nature had to offer. It was a shame to leave it all behind, but I had to go back to civilization. I wouldn’t mind staying in the wild, looking at my bitcoin once in a while to trade.